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About The SEO Agent

The SEO Agent is a group of dedicated individuals that love to push the limits of search engine optimization.

As a company with extensive experience we have clients world wide and across many industries: B2B, Retail, Services, Trades, Industrial, Real Estate, and Communications.

Our standard service packages and customizable solutions have allowed us to demonstrate a wide variety of successful search engine optimization campaigns on the leading search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, MSN (Windows Live), AOL and Ask.com.

The SEO Agent performs to help you get the best spots on all major search engines and as a result we drive traffic that is engineered around the niche audience of your business. Customers and consumers that are interested in your products and services will be guided to you, increasing your sales by generating quality traffic on your website.

Position yourself and the traffic will come! Qualify your prospects by being in front of them by utilizing sound techniques in Search Engine Optimization. There is a great paradigm shift on the marketing landscape that is just in the beginning stages of being understood, especially when it comes to online vs. traditional marketing. The war of words is about being smart and savvy vs. big and aggressive.

About The SEO Agent

What The SEO Agent can do for you?

Increase traffic to your website by 5% - 5,000%

Raise the number of quality leads you’re getting, naturally increasing revenues.

Target customers in Canadian or American cities with geographic targeted SEO.

Capture highly competitive search spots on Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft).

Reduce cost per acquisition of new consumers by targeting individuals who are specifically interested in what you are offering.

When a person types a keyword in any major search engine, that is precisely where the qualification process really begins. Customers take the first step when they willingly search for something – it could be literally anything. The latest gadget, the oldest Micheal Jackson tune, or nutritional information for their next meal. Whatever it is that a person searches for is meaningful for both sides of the search engine. The SEO Agent understands the potential search engines have, and puts our skilled agents to work for you, giving you the opportunity to turn curious people into buying customers.

What The SEO Agent can do for you?

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