You use a combination of marketing techniques for your business, which includes placing ads on the internet, in newspapers, in various magazines, on the radio, and much more. How do you know which of these media generates the most business for you?

This is where The SEO Agent analytics and call tracking services help you have all the data. Each ad campaign you run generates varying amounts of interest and helps you find customers through different media. Our analytics services help you identify how many leads each campaign gives you, how many queries you receive through your website, email and over the telephone.

We also track which regions give you the highest response rates, so that you can identify your strong and weak areas. Our analytics services also help you determine how many products or services each ad campaign generates for you.

We collect as much information as we can, and present it to you in a streamlined manner. This will help you analyze your marketing strategies better and create much better campaigns in future. All these efforts lead to increased traffic to your website and the end result is: BETTER BUSINESS!


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