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When the internet was young, most companies thought of websites as a necessary expenditure. They had websites just because their competitors had one and was simply a catalog of products. However, times have changed and your website is now a full blown front end to your business.

Most of your business is generated from your website. People check out your website before they buy your products. It is therefore vital that your website has a great personality and persuasive power to turn curious visitors into paying customers. You need to engage your visitors and tell them why they should buy your products.

What makes an engaging website?

A high performing website has the following attributes:

  1. It has a clean design. It is not populated by popups and too much content
  2. It puts the product on the front and center. People visit your website to see what products you have and whether it is better than others. You give them exactly that. When people land on your page, you need to have "a call to action" element, so people can buy it right away.
  3. It has good user experience. User experience is not just about good design. It is about how people feel when they visit your website. Do they get the feeling that your company is friendly or terse? People feel warm about your site when they visit and thus, they are more likely to buy your products.
  4. It invokes trust among visitors. When people visit your website, they should feel that they can trust you, and that you are a high quality business.

In simple words, your website should solve a problem for its visitors. People may land on your website through search engines or through a marketing campaign. They click on the link to your website because they have a need and they think your product can fulfill it. When they land on your website, the solution should be immediately visible.

Whether it is an online shopping cart for physical products or a service, your website should be completely user focused and should engage participants. That is when you get their business and you grow as a company.


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