How we are different?

  • 25+ years’ experience, working on Digital Marketing
  • Specialized in Geo-location Based organic SEO
  • Specifically tailored for small to mid-size business with single or multiple locations

How we do, what we do?

  • We do comprehensive competitive Analysis & Identify top searched keywords of your business based on your GEO location/s
  • We fix and bring your website in line with Google's more...
  • The selected and client approved keywords are then embedded on the website

What is our NICHE strategy of Organic SEO?

  • We utilize Social Media Organic strength by hash-tagging the same keywords embedded on the website using our Nordel software.
  • We use agile strategies based on monthly results.

How quality backlinks are created?

  • Our qualified engineers identify the competitor’s most effective backlinks by using backlink analysis technique and prioritize implementing list

How many backlinks are created?

  • We create 200 premium backlinks per month in our basic package. However the number of backlinks can vary depending on the packages.

What is unique about our SEO Technique?

  • We follow Google search engine algorithms and stringently implement the instructions
  • Although following Google algorithms is no rocket science, however how to implement is a million dollars recipe

What kind of time is invested for a basic package?

  • To create each backlink it takes up to 15 minutes, each social media creative takes 45 minutes, monthly analysis 2 hours, programming updates take 8 hours. If we do the math, it consumes up to 45 hours per month - excluding the reporting
  • Our reporting is verified by manual reporting using geo-based machines

How we do result based SEO?

  • We ensure that keywords are embedded--at least 5 keywords rank on page 1 within the first 4 months. (**in case we fail, we make sure that we work for free until the result is achieved and provided the website is totally under our control and nobody else has access to alter the the coding**)

How is ROI Improved?

  • We use premium tools available in the market to ensure that all the verticals of SEO requirements are met and executed in order which allows us to keep on top of your program and accomplish it successfully.

How do we use Social Media?

  • The objective of social media is not just getting engagements, but is great for organic growth. For the first month we make 1 post daily (working days only) - that means 20 or 22 posts in the 1st month on Facebook, Instagram and Google. For the 2nd month onwards, 2 posts per week - 8 posts per month.

How do we track traffic?

  • We install Google Analytics to analyze the actual users to track traffic and user engagement on the website.

How do we track our progress?

  • We generate monthly based reporting which reflects the performance of each and every keyword embedded on the website. This is something that we manually perform with the GEO based locations in order to get accurate reporting. A comprehensive report is published for the client every quarter comparing the performance with the previous months

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