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The SEO Agent is a professional search engine optimization company that is committed to help businesses get more targeted visitors on their websites. Some of our services include Organic Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search/Pay per click (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Call Tracking, Visual Website Optimizer, Local & Mobile Search, Social Media Marketing and others.

However, we are not liable for any consequential or direct losses incurred by our clients or by any third parties. We do not take any responsibility for damages that are caused due to any external links going from our website, or from any internal links coming to ours.

We do not have any control over the website contents wherever our website links are found. The SEO Agent does not necessarily promote or endorse the contents on those websites. Therefore, we are absolutely not liable for any claims from their customers that might be caused due to using their products, information or services.

All the information on our client websites are wholly and solely owned by them. We do not take any responsibility for the damages or losses that are caused to their customers due to the quality and deliverables of their products or services. The SEO Agent hereby denies any possible claims that are made on the warranties and reliability on our client websites. You will need to contact them directly for issue resolutions if any.

Our clients will need to assume complete responsibility for all the information that they provide to us for delivering our services. We are not accountable for any copyrights violations on their websites.

Additionally, The SEO Agent stands protected on any instances of data loss that could be caused due to consequential, direct or indirect events.

The Results of the efforts made by The SEO Agent Program depends upon the Search engines algorithms, and they change quite frequently. Even the keywords may also vary depending upon the algorithms. Additionally, factors like product or service quality offered by our clients, network downtime, and many other instances will also affect the search engine rankings. The SEO Agent doesn't claim any rank or position, but we certainly do work on the search engine guidelines for improving the rankings. However, our clients will need to agree for plus or minus 30% results on what is mentioned on our package charts, considering the multiple factors that are beyond our scopes of control.

We are not liable for technical issues on our client websites that could interrupt our services, or impact their website rankings. Such technical issues are beyond our scopes of control.


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