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If your website is not giving you the desired ROI, the two most common issues are:

  • Incoming traffic
  • Conversion rates

Your products get more exposure when more and more people visit your website and learn about them. This is why all successful websites trumpet their incoming traffic numbers. It is a key indicator of the interest in the market for your products. Once people have landed on your site, you find a way to keep them there and buy your products.

Incoming traffic

Proper search engine optimization or SEO is key to driving more traffic to your website. You get more visitors by making your content friendlier to search engines. Some of the most important steps to generating higher incoming traffic include:

  1. Consulting with professional SEO firms such as The SEO Agent, and ensuring that you are getting all the web traffic that you can
  2. Launching aggressive PPC or CPC campaigns to get your products and your website more exposure
  3. Keeping up with new trends in search engine marketing. The online marketing landscape is constantly changing and you want to be abreast of these to stay ahead of the competition.
  4. Deep keyword research, so that you can make use of dynamic content on your website for long tail and unbranded search terms.
  5. Invest in user friendly contextual advertising

Incremental growth in your marketing strategy will ensure that you get a stable growth in incoming traffic.

Driving sales

This is where the rubber meets the road. You can do all you want and generate thousands of page views per hours, but what matters is how many of those page views convert into sales. Some of the proven ways to drive up your conversion rates are:

  1. Marketing through the right channels so that the right kind of customers are sent to your site.
  2. Creating genuine and compelling content on your website that convinces potential customers of the benefits of your products over your competition
  3. Using dynamic content, in order to present users with the right kind of subject matter depending on the demographic that they belong to. For example, a teenager will respond differently to your marketing message than a middle aged person.

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