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You find the word SEO thrown around frequently these days. It's pretty obvious the core growth of your website relies on it, and thereby your business too. People primarily come to know about your Business through the search engines and other internet and social media tools. Therefore, if your website is high on search engine ranking pages (SERPs) your business prospects are that much better.

Search engine optimization, as the name suggests, is a set of Art and engineering that are used to make your website an apple pie for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In other words, you'll need to optimize your website for search engines. It's that simple! Your website is not likely to feature on the top rankings of search engines, if you do not do the right SEO. It would be a real waste of time and money that you spend on your SEO and Internet Marketing.

Organic SEO simply means implying various techniques that make search engines consider your website as important for the readers naturally. In laymen's term it being a good baby and following the guidelines of the search Engines.

When you follow the rules set by the search engines your website rankings remain quite stable. This means that if you get into the top 10 or top 30 rankings, you will stay there for a long time. When it comes to SEO it is important to think about the long term, since search engines alter their algorithms pretty frequently. If your website has been a good baby and followed the house rules your rankings won't go down. However, the changes become quite inevitable at times.

This is why when we optimize your website we do so using completely ethical methods, i.e., White Hat SEO. All search engines have guidelines on algorithms that list what is good SEO and what is bad SEO. We always follow these guidelines strictly to make your website genuinely friendly. As long as you follow guidelines and add value to your readers, algorithm changes won't harm your website's search rankings.

Black Hat search engine optimization basically refers to those techniques that are intended to fool the search engines for getting better website rankings. Using keywords excessively to the tune of hundreds on websites, spamming, masking content, are just a few examples of black hat SEO.

It is true that Black Hat SEO might yield very quick results, and you might find your website at the top 2 pages of search engine results. However, you cannot underestimate the intelligence of search engines. They eventually get to know about how you've been cheating them, and before you know it, your website rankings will go spiraling downwards. They also hold the rights to ban your website for good, without even having to give you any prior notice or warning.

Such a situation is not good for any business website, as the very credibility of that business becomes questionable. The main risk involved in Black Hat SEO is, you cannot fool the search engines forever.

We do not employ any dubious techniques to improve your search engine rankings. We strictly go by the guidelines that are laid out by them, and still get your website to rank higher. By hiring our services, your web rankings will rise very steadily, and most importantly it stays there for the long term. It helps you grow your business the right way, at all times.

Not being able to find the websites on the search engine results can be very frustrating for the webmasters. Well, there are a few reasons as to why they do not show up. More often than not, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your web design makes it difficult for search engines to index your content
  • You might have created a website in a format that search engines does not identify or read
  • You might not have placed some information or file on your web server that search engines need for crawling your web pages
  • You might be using scripts that search engines finds difficult to crawl through
  • The search engine may have banned your website for suspicious activity
  • You might not have submitted your website to all search engines

Also remember that you can and should submit your website to search engines only once. When you send multiple requests, search engines may suspect it to be spam and end up not indexing your website.

Keyword research is one of the important pillars for good SEO. Web search is largely based around keywords, otherwise known as search terms. Primarily, you will need to identify the right keywords for your business, and integrate them smartly with your web content. Search engines tend to choose your website, when those keywords are searched for.

Keyword research would involve identifying the highest searched keywords that are related to your business. This again is an ongoing process since the keywords keep changing very frequently.

Part of our job would be to analyze your content and update them with the highest searched keywords in proper densities. You might want to know that overusing keywords will also be considered by the search engines as spamming.

Using the related keywords also becomes very critical for improving the page rankings. For example, if you sell running shoes, people don't just search for "Running shoes'. They search for terms such as 'Light Running Shoes", "Red Running Shoes", and related terms. By doing extensive keyword research, we suggest the best keywords for your website, and also how frequently they should be used.

Yes, you could surely adopt a few practices to make your website search engine friendly. At the same time you'll need to remember that it takes time to improve on website rankings, and therefore you will need to be very consistent with your efforts.

In order to understand how to make your websites friendly to search engines, you'll first need to know about things that search engines don't like. Here are some of them:

  • Text used in flash animations might improve the look of your website, but they don't go well with search engine optimization, since Adobe Flash is not open source that could be read by the search engines.
  • JavaScript is very useful, but again the search engines find it very difficult to read
  • Content which is served by using PHP and database technologies is also difficult for search engines to read. Use them only when absolutely necessary.
  • Don't use objectionable content on your web pages. Some of the examples are phrases that reflect hatred and racism content.
  • Automated submissions are another no-no for search engines. They can read these, but they tend to label them as spam. Manual submission is the way to go, especially for small websites.

All of these steps will not necessarily guarantee that you will get into the top 30 rankings on search engines. That is exactly where our services can help you. We can fine-tune your website by analyzing the specifics of your business and web pages.

Meta tags are useful HTML elements that search engines might use to identify the topic on which your website is based. Since they have been abused extensively, most search engines these days avoid using them as the identifying parameters.

However, search engines could change their algorithms and behavior any time. The best you can do is to use Meta tags that are relevant, and use them moderately. Don't cram your web pages with them. They may help you in future.

Well, getting into the top 10 results of all search engines will take some time, provided that you are consistent with your efforts. However, you can surely achieve it if you follow certain rules.

  • Make it easy for the search engine to search and index your website content
  • Avoid using flash as much as possible. Unlike HTML which is pure text, whereas flash is not readable for search engines
  • Use JavaScript only if necessary. First base your website on pure HTML, since search engine spiders find it difficult to crawl through JavaScript content.
  • Always make sure you use the right keywords, and use them only to a moderate extent. Do not overuse them.
  • Once you have chosen keywords for your website, make sure your content revolves around those words.
  • Don't attempt Black hat SEO, because you will get caught eventually, and you rankings will nosedive for sure.

Yes, the SEO techniques change very frequently. Whenever you feel that you have mastered them, the search engines come with new terms and rules. Unlike in the past, images are now considered as one of the parameters by the search engines. Although, how their tags affect the keyword usage and densities is very unclear at this point of time. It however does not mean that you can flood your web pages with images just to climb up the page rankings. One image per page sounds like an ideal way to go about this new development.

SEO is most definitely evolving at a very fast pace. However, you will need to identify the practices that work for you and the ones that do not.

Although this fact is not quite ascertained at the moment, the websites with maps seem to be showing up on the top of search engine results.

Well, everyone loves social media websites, and so do the businesses. Networking was never this easy before. Most of the businesses have already entered the popular social media networking websites like Twitter and FaceBook. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most convenient means of providing updates and bringing about awareness to their prospective clients.

The power of social media if harnessed smartly can work as a very strong marketing tool for online business marketing and promotions. Many firms have also been providing links to discount vouchers from the social media arenas. Social media is definitely the next big thing when it comes to getting exposure over the net.

As you might already know, YouTube has been taken over by Google. This is a strong indication on which direction they are headed when it comes to videos. VSEO or Video SEO is still in its initial stages, and its effectiveness is yet to be gauged.

SEM is about getting your website links to the first two pages of Google search through optimization and pay per click campaign. It is a kind of paid version of SEO. You can get paid placement on SERP's. It is different from pure SEO, because you pay to get your links promoted on search engine results and not through simple link building and optimization.

Search engine marketing can provide you with quicker results. If you have a new website or product or are very far behind your competitors on search engine rankings, SEM gives you great results as it can get your products to the forefront and give better exposure. You can build on this initial surge with long term SEO and keep your rankings up.

For many years, making your website friendly to search engines was the only way to get internet traffic. Of late however, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have gained more prominence. They have become a great source of incoming traffic and provide greater marketing opportunities.

Social media marketing of SMM is a set of strategies that let you give your brand and your products more exposure. Most businesses today have strong SMM campaigns to boost their visibility. If you want to leap ahead of your competitors, SMM should form an integral part of your whole marketing strategy. For many, marketing starts with social media and then moves on to other media.


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