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Search Engine Optimization

At its core, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means optimizing your website so that it appears in the top 20-30 results of search engines. About 90% of people who search the web do not go beyond 30 results to find what they want. There is no one way to get your website to the top of the table in terms of rankings.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an umbrella term for a number of paid and free marketing techniques aimed at getting your website on the top 20 results on Google search. Most common examples of SEM techniques include:

  1. Pay per click
  2. Cost per click
  3. Pay per visit

SEM is a vital part of your strategy to enhance your website's reputation, gain credibility and get more incoming traffic.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media sounds like a newest buzzword in the world of web marketing. It is however a powerful way of marketing and creating awareness about your business quickly. With traditional SEO, you update content so that it can be found by search engines, and you slowly build links to your website, improving rankings gradually.

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Lead Generation

The SEO Agent America's Lead Generation Services are designed to help you generate business from the internet while you pay only for every lead that is generated through our activities. Our Lead generation campaigns are designed to give you value for money while you focus on your core business.

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Create Brand Visibility

Making you brand more visible in the market is a gigantic effort, especially if you have a new or refreshed website. A fiercely competitive market has hundreds of brands serving the same market. How are you to carve out a niche for yourself? Fortunately, social networks provide a great medium for you to give your brand more exposure and bring it to the attention of more and more customers.

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Dominate Your Competition

Businesses that are successful in a fiercely competitive landscape have a clear lead over rivals. As a business, you want to dominate your competition and be ahead in all aspects. You innovate in every aspect of your product and make it clearly better than the others. All successful marketing campaigns have really good products as a foundation. When your product's back up your marketing message, people trust you and choose you over the competition.

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Drive Traffic & Sales

If your website is not giving you the desired ROI, the two most common issues are:

  • Incoming traffic
  • Conversion rates

Your products get more exposure when more and more people visit your website and learn about them. This is why all successful websites trumpet their incoming traffic numbers. It is a key indicator of the interest in the market for your products. Once people have landed on your site, you find a way to keep them there and buy your products.

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Engage Participants

When the internet was young, most companies thought of websites as a necessary expenditure. They had websites just because their competitors had one and was simply a catalog of products. However, times have changed and your website is now a full blown front end to your business.

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Maximize Efficiency

When you want your website to perform and provide maximum ROI, you need to ensure that you are using all your resources efficiently. Some of the most important components of a successful website are:

  • Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing

For the best results, invest equally in all three. You can have an extremely well designed website, only to have no visitors due to lack of SEO. On the other hand, you can have an extremely optimized website that generated maximum traffic, but turns customers away because of poor design and messaging.

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Uncover Insights

The key to high performing websites that run like a well-oiled machine is deep and sophisticated analytics. Numbers always give you great insights into the market and give you clues about how to maximize your ROI through innovative SEO and marketing strategies.

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