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Making you brand more visible in the market is a gigantic effort, especially if you have a new or refreshed website. A fiercely competitive market has hundreds of brands serving the same market. How are you to carve out a niche for yourself? Fortunately, social networks provide a great medium for you to give your brand more exposure and bring it to the attention of more and more customers.

Social networks work on the classic network effects, where if a person likes what you have, he or she will share with others. If you have the right social strategy in place, you can get massive incoming traffic and a ton of business. As most businesses have found out, this is easier said than done.

What is a visible brand?

For your brand visibility to be very high, it must have the following attributes:

  • It is distinctive and unique
  • It serves an important niche and provides clear solutions
  • It has a consistent message across all markets geographically
  • The product is original and much better than the competition
  • It is widely available for customers and has maximum points of sale
  • It helps your business achieve its financial goals

Why you need brand visibility

When a customer is looking to buy a product there are typically a dozen choices in front. There are that many different brands. You want them to choose your brand over others. People will buy your product over others only if they know for sure that your brand is credible and your product has clear advantages over competition.

Clear brand visibility grabs the consumer's attention and it persuades them to consider your product. If your brand has greater exposure it has more credibility and therefore greater value. People are known to stick to their brand preferences for a long time. If a person likes your brand she will be a long time customer for you.

The whole point of having a brand visibility strategy is to have as many such loyal customers as possible. This is the only way you will achieve your financial goals.

What you can do

There is no single strategy that will help you achieve and maintain your brand visibility. You attack this aspect of your business from multiple sides and achieve the desired results.

Positioning: The first thing you take care of is to position your brand the right way. Identify your target market. Identify the need that people are facing. Determine exactly how and if your product solves the problem in a simple and elegant way. Define the problem for the masses. Offer a solution in the form of your product. Outline why your product is clearly better than the competition.

Use social media: Social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter are a great place to give your brand exposure. There is a reason why these sites are a branding hub for companies. They erase the boundaries between you and your customers. They can directly comment on your page and get responses. You can communicate in a more direct manner with them. It gives the customers a feeling of greater control and they grow closer to your brand. Moreover, with social networks, you can easily target different demographics and reach a global audience.

Promotions: One sure shot way to get your brand noticed is to give away free products by way of special promotions. If you design your promotions the right way, then your brand gets maximum attention and it will establish a place in the minds of people. It also creates a warm feeling among people about your brand and makes them more likely to buy your products.

Reinforcing your brand:

After you establish your brand visibility, it is important for you to keep reinforcing it to stay on the top. For example, no matter how popular McDonalds becomes, they will still keep showing ads and launch marketing campaigns all the time, just to ensure that their brand name is always fresh on our minds. If you don't reinforce your brand, it stagnates and gets run over by a new wave of products from competitors. It is all about perception.

You can gauge the effectiveness of your brand visibility efforts by seeing whether the sales numbers keep growing consistently. Even if you see your sales number stay the same and not decline, it is still good enough reason to launch strong visibility efforts. Brand visibility is the key to keep your business growing in the short and the long term.


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